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Responsive Day Out Audio


Get a jump start on taking your Responsive Design practice to the next level, wherever you are at the time.

Quick Overview

Of course you’re all over Responsive Web Design. You’ve read the Code Poet book. You’ve made sure your sites look beautiful on any device you can fling them at. But you want more. You want to know RWD inside out. You want to take it all to the next level. Well, if you went to the UK’s Responsive Day Out you might have learned a thing or two. But even if you didn’t, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’ve gathered a ton of audio recordings of the presentations that took place, and even shared some slides. Grab the mp3s, go for a walk, and have a Responsive Day Out all of your own.

Image based on Vintage Wicker Picnic Basket by Wicker Paradise, CC-BY-2.0.


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