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WordPress Meet Responsive Design


Right now you quite possibly have sites out there in the wild that look like death on one screen or another. And while your trainwreck site turns site visitors away, devices are proliferating faster than anyone can remember what to call them, making your trainwreck site a trainwreck pile up.

Gone are the days of the fixed layout tailored to some imaginary, cramped CRT. And the half way house of fluid layouts are no longer enough when you’re presenting content to people looking at your site through smartphones, tablets, various sized laptops or arrays of gigantic monitors with resolutions of titantic proportions.

That’s where Responsive Web Design (RWD) comes in.

Since Ethan Marcotte coined the term back in 2010 more and more designers and developers have been building projects responsively; sites that actually bother to query the viewport they’re being experienced through, and adapt to make the experience as good as can possibly be.

So what’s that to you as a WordPress-powered designer or developer? Code Poet asked the people most likely to know. In this short book Chris Coyier, Ian Stewart and Sara Cannon give you the lowdown on their real world uses and strategies for designing WordPress responsively…

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