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Marry Your Clients by Shane Pearlman


Comedy is easy. Working with clients is hard. Code Poet extraordinaire Shane Pearlman posits that client relationships take work, just like a good marriage. You have to keep the connection strong, you need to learn to be a good listener, and you need to learn when to give that client partner some space. Flowers never hurt, either. Hey..wait a second…

Quick Overview
A great client relationship is like a marriage made in heaven. But it ain’t easy. Great clients don’t come out of the box communicating clearly, paying their bills on time, and automatically handing out your name when a friend or colleague asks for a referral. You need to earn it. You need to bring your best work, be proactive, and be sensitive to their needs to turn that first project into a long-lasting, mutually fulfilling relationship. Pro tip: Marry Your Clients was a recommended resource in Code Poet’s second free book: Getting Pricing Right.

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