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Getting Pricing Right


Let’s be honest, you got into developing or designing WordPress because there’s a market for it. If you wanted to scrape a living together between burger flipping gigs you’d still be working with SuperSiteDesignerPro++! or FrontPage.

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get your pricing right in a competitive marketplace. Do you charge per hour, per project or some arcane combination of the two? Are you so confident in yourself that you’re charging three times the market average, but sitting next to your inbox waiting for a client? Or are you fighting off hordes of clientele, working 22 hours a day between caffeine infusions, and still barely making rent? Pricing’s not only tough, it’s also a fiercely guarded secret for most people.

That’s why Code Poet asked a handful of professionals that have been through what you’re going through and come out the other side. People you’ve heard of, people doing very nicely thank you from their WordPress-powered business.

In this short book, Mark Jaquith, Shane Pearlman and Remkus de Vries take you through their real world strategies and tactics for getting pricing right on your next WordPress project…

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