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Kim Gjerstad Interview


Finding a gap in the market, providing world class support, and telling the story of your WP-powered brand? Kim Gjerstad shows you how.

Dougal Campbell Interview


Dougal Campbell talks about the merits and challenges of open source in this frank and incisive interview.

Drew Strojny Interview


From Pro Footballer to heading up a hugely successful WordPress theme shop: meet Drew Strojny.

Brian Krogsgard Interview


If you’re not following by now, you probably should be. We talk to Post Status founder, developer, and writer Brian Krogsgard.

Aaron Campbell Interview


Meet WordPress core developer, code genius, beer connoisseur, and handy-man-to-have-around-in-a-zombie-apocalypse, Aaron Campbell.

Andrea Rennick Interview


Andrea Rennick has been been blogging, and helping people blog, before blogging was even a thing. We get the low-down.

Lisa Sabin-Wilson Interview


Learn from the best in this interview with WordPress author, designer, developer, entrepreneur, and speaker Lisa Sabin-Wilson.

Helen Hou-Sandi Interview


Meet Helen Hou-Sandi, Director of User Interface Engineering at 10up and prolific WordPress contributor.