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WP Extensions for Sublime Text 2


We’re all about working faster, not harder. If you’re one of the many fans of text editor par excellence Sublime Text 2, you’re quite likely going to enjoy today’s resource.

Quick Overview

In this sublimely useful post (mileage may vary greatly depending on whether you use Sublime Text 2 or not), the invariably awesome Speckyboy gathers together a jumbo bundle of WordPress-specific extensions for Sublime Text 2, a text editor we’re seeing more and more people rave about as time goes by. Awesome WordPress extensions are, of course, just one more reason why you might want to use choose this particular flavor of text wrangling app. From easy setup and configuration of new WordPress projects, to more text snippets than you could throw a forest of sticks at, Speckyboy has you covered.

Image based on Text Fist by Andrew Mason, CC-BY-2.0.


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