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Siobhan McKeown at Smashing Mag


Siobhan McKeown puts the same care, attention to detail, and craftsmanship into the pieces she writes for Smashing Magazine as you do into the code you craft or the designs you create. Pro tip: check out our interview with Siobhan and be inspired.

Quick Overview
In addition to running her WordPress content consultancy, Words for WP, Siobhan writes prolifically on a variety of WordPress topics for Smashing Magazine — one of the leading online magazines devoted to all things design and development. From malware affecting WordPress, BuddyPress, writing effective documentation, WordPress trends, and the WordPress economy, you can count on well-researched, clear, concise information you can use to help you do business better when you see Siobhan McKeown’s name in the byline.

Image based on “Broken Glass Shards Urban Exploration” by Steven Depolo, CC-BY-2.0


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