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Your website stinks on mobile by Stuart Robson


People are coming to your site from every sort of device under the sun: iPhones ancient and shiny new, iPads, tablets, Blackberries, and we haven’t even covered the litany of Android devices they’re using to see your content. Are you ready for a little web dev tough love from Stuart Robson? Step right up.

Quick Overview
Stuart Robson says you need to step up your game. Yes. You! (Me?) YES! If you’re building websites these days and hope to maintain a semblance of personal dignity, you need to test on any mobile device you can get your hands on. Grab your granny’s flip phone. Snag your brother’s Blackberry. Instead of tweeting “Poopin'” when he leaves it unattended, check out your site, take some notes, and then get to work.

(Old) Blackberry” – © 2008 rwkvisual – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic
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