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You know better than using “password” or “12345678” as your password, and you’re sure that each site has a unique username and password. But what happens when you lose that piece of paper you’ve been dutifully documenting your passwords on, or you leave it at home on your next business trip? Enter 1Password. Pro tip: 1Password was highly recommended by our pros in Locking Down WordPress.

Quick Overview
Check your history and you’ll see the hundreds of sites you visit every day. Each requires a unique username and password, but who’s gonna know if you use this one password for a handful of WordPress installs and Twitter and Facebook? The bad guys will, and then what? They’ll be trading your login credentials in some smarmy IRC channel in a deep, dark, damp corner of the internet. Don’t let this happen to you. 1Password generates secure passwords for every site you log in to, and will automatically enter your username and password when you reach the log in page with the click of a button. What’s more? It stores secure notes and provides a handy storage section for your software activation codes. Worth every penny.

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